what does it mean to be a queer ranchero?

what does it mean to be a queer ranchero?

what does it mean to be a queer ranchero?

In Mexican culture, like many others, masculinity is expressed and defined by particular behaviours, mannerisms and roles in society. These characteristics are considered to set straight men apart from those of women and homosexuals. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the presentation of the Mexican ‘ranchero’.

Traditionally a symbol of hyper-masculinity, the ranchero is the rancher, the cowboy, the Mexican Marlboro man. Known for his pointed boots and cowboy hats, the ranchero has served as a way for Mexican men to assert their manhood through character and style. Now, in the latest work by LA-based photographer, Fabian Guerrero he’s become a conduit through which to explore more subversive topics of gender and masculinity — forming the basis of his latest photography series, ‘Brown Queer Rancheros’.

A first-generation Mexican-American and member of the LGBTQ community, Fabian photographs queer men from Los Angeles in traditional ranchero dress. Reconciling the gender and cultural clashes he experienced growing up, he portrays his subjects in strong, confident, macho poses that contradict gay stereotypes. And, through his depictions, he challenges the notion that masculinity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive, photographing queer, brown bodies who, despite the misconceptions, can rock boots and cowboy hats just as fiercely as six inch heels.


How has the representation of queer males as rancheros, been received by your followers?
Friends tell me, “You’re making me wanna wear my botas again!”. I’m like, yes! Do your thing, be proud of it, don’t be afraid. Cause half of the time it’s past trauma. We learn to escape from that reality, to erase a part of your life to adapt and assimilate. I want to make sure that the community, the raza, us brown people, are getting seen in a way that is real.

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